Beware of the Swarm


Beware of the Swarm is a Room Scale Space Flight shooter. You’re a pilot of an advanced space fighter, defending humanity against a powerful and strange Alien threat. Clear out some space in your VR room for exciting space flight action.


We wanted to rethink the way you would control a spaceship. You’re not bound to your cockpit. Like a child with an active imagination, take hold of your spaceship with your hands. Control your turrets by pointing at your targets.

Arm yourself with weapons like kinetic cannons, explosive missiles, defensive lasers.

Don’t let your shields pop, or you’ll go bang.

Win fights, gain resources, improve your equipment.

Explore various environments of the solar system. Fight off pirates in a mining outpost in the rings of Saturn. Defend space elevators over Earth from aliens. Dogfight in the clouds over Titan.


  • Room Scale Virtual Reality
  • Full Dual Motion Controllers
  • 3rd Person Spaceflight
  • RPG Elements, and Mission System
  • Rich story line based game play
  • Lasers in Space


Sol System in the year 2150. Humanity has completed the construction of an orbital ring on earth, allowing humans to stretch across the Sol system. New outposts are being built hourly. Colonization efforts are in full steam. Among all this fuss, a small mining outpost in the outer reaches of the solar system came across a strange drone mining an asteroid claimed by an aggressive mine owner.

Mistakes are made, and we are pulled kicking and screaming into first contact with a galactic empire.